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PostSubject: ϟ Randen ϟ   ϟ Randen ϟ EmptyFri Nov 27, 2015 11:49 pm

Name: Randen
Nicknames: Daz, Den, Randy, Razza
Age: 4 years (roughly)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Demisexual
Rank: Hunter
General Appearance: His fur is patchy, with bits that are both long and short, splotched with black and white. His primary coloring consists of a muddy brown, and along the underside of his belly, tail, and face is a light gold. He moves like a child with too much energy, darting about, which consequently causes him to look even more frazzled. Despite his tendencies to clean himself until pristine, he always looks unkempt and rugged. His eyes are a stormy pale orange, and look very alert from their place deep set within his skull. His nose is pitch black, but if you look close enough there is a light smattering of pink on the end.
Build: Overall tall and lanky, an awkward fellow with lean muscles and a thin frame. His structure is very angular and is only softened by wisps of fur, which contributes to his awkward appearance. Randen has long legs and a shaggy tail that nearly brushes the ground, which would perhaps look regal if he held himself with better posture. Two large ears top his head, and his face is long with a powerful jaw fit for hunting.
Physical Strengths: Agile, quick runner, has a lot of stamina, powerful jaw and legs, very sharp eyesight.
Physical Weaknesses: Lacking in brute strength and is often clumsy when moving slowly, an awful swimmer, often gets himself tangled up in things when he isn't careful, has a fine sense of smell but has a bad habit of not using it enough.
Details/Scars: A rather nasty scar on the inside of his right hind leg, but it is well-hidden and isn't painful.
Keywords: Protective, jokester, boyish, trustworthy, cynical, moody, stubborn, energetic.
General Personality: Randen, in many ways, contradicts himself. He acts one way when in company, and seems to slide into another state of mind when alone. He is not fake, however, and doesn't mean to come off as such, but he can't help the two contrasting personalities that seem to dominate his self.
Around others, he often feels his best, being very sociable and always looking to make others laugh, often at his own expense. He seems very approachable and is often smiling, which allows him to make many friends very easily. Very mischievous, he tends to to poke his nose in places it shouldn't be, and he often gets away with it, always having a few good excuses at the ready. He is known to reel people into his schemes, often making them sound like good ideas when perhaps they truly aren't, though he considers this a sort of bonding experience for him and the fellow pranksters. When in the presence of his comrades, he is focused and driven, playing as a team sport whether it be on a thrilling hunt or playing a simple game. Though he can get a bit carried away and may push himself or others to their limits, he does seem to have a rather stable judgment, he just gets a touch carried away. His energy can be contagious, and one will never be bored when in his company. He bonds with others easily, and often has a fierce protective nature over those he considers his friends.
The flip side to this coin is when Randen is left to his own devices. A slow, creeping weight takes over his thoughts, and he may become sad, tired, and pessimistic. He's very aware of when a depressive episode is coming on and he prefers to keep them private, though he often needs to be coaxed out of these slumps. It is hard for him to find someone who is willing and able to do the job; He is particularly good at making friends, but holds everyone at a certain distance as to not worry them when he becomes ill minded. If someone tries to console him, he may snap or make some rude remarks that he surely doesn't mean, just to drive the person away. Only his select few are allowed to be near him in this state, and he keeps a careful awareness of when bitter thoughts start appearing, so he can spare others of his bad attitude. He may still tell jokes and stories, but they will be darker and often more dry, so he prefers his own company to help get him readjusted to continue on as the brighter Randen.

Mental Health: Mild Cyclothymia
Likes: Easy conversation, rewarding and genuine friendships, causing trouble, dry land, nighttime, hunting and its rewards, laughter, success, teamwork/cooperation, being trusted to keep secrets, pups, the smell of pine, rainy/stormy weather.
Dislikes: Bees, water, hypocrites, his "mood-swings", blinding sunlight, snow, failure, being wrong, teasing, arguments/fighting.
Fears: Accidentally pushing good friends away, being rejected or disliked, being alone, getting others in trouble because of his own wrong-doings (and the guilt that would come along with it), being tricked or lied to, drowning, heights.
Brief History: Randen was born and raised in a very average pack, consisting of only a few members and located in a small, peaceful area. He was born to two omegas, which was frustrating because his already limited options were even further restricted due to the rank. He grew up with his siblings, always settling for following the strict rules and keeping his manners well in check, but this only become more frustrating over time. He felt claustrophobic in the confined ranks, like a jolt of electric energy caught in a jar. So, when he turned 2 years old and had the choice to disperse, he did not hesitate on leaving his family behind, craving adventure. Randen spent his years roaming after that, living the exciting Vagabond life he dreamed of and even making some casual alliances with other dispersal wolves. It was only after a few months that he decided to check-in with his birth pack, and when he did he was crushed to find that many, if not most, of the members had gone missing. He did not find his family in the area, but only assumes the worst. Now Randen is searching a little more diligently, afraid that perhaps he missed his chances of having friendships and a family. He roams about looking for a pack to call his own, and one he can protect from disaster, unlike his last.
Crush: Not Available
Mate: Not Available
Offspring: None
Family Tree: Eleisse (mother-deceased), Quinn (father-deceased), Decia (sister-alive), Morgahn (sister-alive), Tressa (sister-deceased)
Best Friend: Not Available
Friends: Not Available
Nemesis: Not Available
Enemies: Not Available
Scent: Earth and smoke, like burning wood.
Habits: Thumping his tail on the ground.
Voice: Not too deep, but brassy and very obnoxious expressive.
Pet Peeves: Being interrupted, being poked.
Theme Song: Cold War Kids - First
None of the images or music in this post belong to me, all credit goes to the owners of the content.

ϟ Randen, The Brother ϟ
"If by my life or death I can protect you, I will."
J.R.R. Tolkien
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PostSubject: Re: ϟ Randen ϟ   ϟ Randen ϟ EmptyMon Nov 30, 2015 12:45 pm

Well written and developed biography. Absolutely beautifully done. Good job :)
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ϟ Randen ϟ
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