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 ✧ Raissa ✧

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PostSubject: ✧ Raissa ✧    ✧ Raissa ✧  EmptySun Nov 29, 2015 11:57 am

✧ Raissa ✧  Th?&id=OIP.Mcba8d8d28ec621bad5574e2643927c78H0&w=200&h=300&c=0&pid=1

✧ NAME ✧

✧ Issa ✧

✧ Female ✧

✧ AGE ✧
✧ Thirty Months ✧ Two and a half years ✧

✧ SEX ✧
✧ Heterosexual ✧


✧ Greek Meaning ✧ Rose ✧
✧ French Meaning ✧ Thinker ✧

✧ Mother ✧ Virika ✧
✧ Father ✧ Kenelm ✧
✧ Older Brother ✧ Ahlhan ✧
✧ Older Sister ✧ Cressida ✧
✧ Younger Sister ✧ Lunar ✧

✧ Crush ✧ None ✧
✧ Mate ✧ None ✧
✧ Offspring ✧ None ✧

✧ Best Friend ✧ None ✧
✧ Friends ✧ None ✧
✧ Enemies ✧ None ✧
✧ Nemesis ✧ None ✧


✧ Raging storms ✧ Sparring ✧ Racing through the forest ✧
✧ Dares ✧ Adventures ✧ Snow

✧ Being judged ✧ Being alone (though she is almost always seen this way) ✧
✧ Annoying females and Boastful males ✧ Mud ✧ Humans ✧ Hostile wolves ✧

✧ Pine ✧ Spices ✧

Raissa is mainly black and white, with the top of her head pure black, then white down at her muzzle. Her ears alternate between the two colors, ending up gray tipped with black. The scruff of her neck is mainly gray/white with streaks of her usual dark ebony black. Her back and flank are covered in the darker color while streaks of light run underneath. Her legs are white, but sport black spots and streaks, ending in gray paws. Raissa's tail is normal sized and bushy, gray with streaks of white, and coming to a black tip at the bottom. Her eyes are a light misty gray color, contrasting nicely with her fur. She's actually quite pretty, with a slim and petite body and a symmetrical face. However, she doesn't let her beauty warp her into being self-preserved and stuck up.

Raissa can be a bit moody at times, but there are also sides to her that are nice and charming. It all comes down to trust. If you can gain Raissa's trust and confidence, you're likely to be her best friend. If not, prepare to be held at a distance from her. Raissa's usual traits include being bold, stubborn, defiant, brave, and sarcastic. She's also quite the trickster, and likes pulling pranks on others. What really gets her annoyed is when wolves try to flirt with her. In this case, she'll probably make a sarcastic remark and leave the wolf in the dust. She is fierce when it comes down to a scuffle or quarrel, gentle when the time is right, and isn't afraid to go her own way.

Raissa was born as the second litter of her pack.  Along with her sister, Cressida, the two were inseparable.  Her older brother, Alhahn, was donned the protecter of the two sisters.  Often times were spent between the three siblings out in the forest, training to fight.  It was by orders of the two pack alphas, Raissa's mother, Virika, and father, Kenelm.  They had a notorious kind of fame, and her parents wanted to be sure that Raissa and Cressida were just like them.  The pack was known for raiding others, killing, capturing, and maiming wolves of that family.  Alhahn and Cressida went along with it, and so did Raissa, until one night when their pack broke into another's territory.  This pack was kind, and gentle, and weak in her parent's eyes.  It was when Raissa was forced to kill a pup, when she realized that her future, her destiny, was wrong.  Cruel.  That night Virika gave birth to one last pup, Raissa's younger sister, Lunar.  Unfortunately for the young pup, her life was going to be vicious.  Raissa saw this, and tried to stop her mother and father.  She went against them in the next raid, fighting them for the lives of strangers.  Lunar was killed in the crossfire that terrible night, and Raissa barely escaped with her own life.  She had been two years of age then, and deeply hurt, she moved on.  It was in those few months when Raissa learned to move quietly, to merge with the shadows themselves.  She tried many times to join packs, but each of them turned her away when they learned of her past.  Every day was a painful death-walk, and often times Raissa didn't have food or shelter.  She had just turned two and a half when she came across a mountain range.  Deciding nothing was worse than her past, she tried to cross the mountain range.  When finally pushing through blizzards and heavy snowfall, Raissa came upon a luscious valley.  There were colors of vibrant green in the grass, and blue in a small waterfall that ran down the mountain ledge.  Raissa knew she was leaving behind a colorless and miserable life, so she stepped forwards.  The game here was plentifull, and soon the gray, white, and black female found herself at a lake.  It was clear like glass, and a little ways away she smelled a pack.  One, that she hoped, would accept her for who she was.  

✧ Raissa ✧  Th?&id=OIP.M40ce4e64dcc0bd2bd20b64b2bfba50b8H0&w=300&h=200&c=0&pid=1

✧ Raissa ✧  Th?&id=OIP.Mf6ef441813cb6b22bf1d0edac5300109H0&w=239&h=299&c=0&pid=1

✧ Raissa ✧  Th?&id=OIP.M85376b817af7d1c59a572e17032bddc9H0&w=200&h=300&c=0&pid=1

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PostSubject: Re: ✧ Raissa ✧    ✧ Raissa ✧  EmptySun Nov 29, 2015 12:20 pm

Great biography, Raissa. I'm looking forward to roleplaying with you.
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PostSubject: Re: ✧ Raissa ✧    ✧ Raissa ✧  EmptySun Nov 29, 2015 12:57 pm

Welcome to the pack, Raissa! Excellent bio and character. ^^

ϟ Randen, The Brother ϟ
"If by my life or death I can protect you, I will."
J.R.R. Tolkien
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PostSubject: Re: ✧ Raissa ✧    ✧ Raissa ✧  EmptyMon Nov 30, 2015 12:50 pm

Cool biography! Excited to see a character who's younger and closer to Rosalee's age. ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: ✧ Raissa ✧    ✧ Raissa ✧  EmptyFri Dec 04, 2015 6:21 pm

Aysel- Thank you and I can't wait to RP with you as well!

Randen- Thanks Randen, can't wait to meet you!

Rosalee- I'm glad for Lee's age as well!  (us young people gotta stick together :p )

Everyone- I made some adjustments.  Hopefully they're better

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✧ Raissa ✧
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