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PostSubject: ∆ Sergill ∆   ∆ Sergill ∆ EmptySun Nov 29, 2015 5:20 pm

Name: Sergill
Nickname: Serg
Current Rank: Scout (Praecursator)
Rank Element: Air
Gender: Male
Age: 4 years 3 months
Image Reference: See sketch, also refer to profile.

Miscellaneous Info
Sexuality: Demisexual
Mentality: Mild Asperger Syndrome. Personalty type - INTJ
Voice: Usually well-spoken, moderately deep, Scottish accent with some occasional dialect.
Scent: Sand and fresh river water.

Height at shoulders – 32 inches (2.6ft)
Nose to tail-tip – 67 inches (5.5ft)

Build Overview: His build is tall with a semi-narrow framed body. Despite his size advantage he is no stronger than usual and has the lack of muscular bulk to show for it. Characteristics besides his height and usual Grey Wolf fur length are reminiscent of a Red Wolf for some typically Southern climate attributes like larger ears, longer face, hare-type paws and a slender body. His fur is naturally scruffy and course which partly takes away from his physique, in areas of shorter fur are softer with an easier exposed undercoat. Around his mane, chest, withers, stomach line, and tail specifically is where the fur is rather curly/wavy and longest. With the way his fur stands, it creates for an older male look with especially scruffy brows and cheek ruff. That said he isn’t without capability to look smart and better groomed.
Not through ability but instead through appearance does he show off his age. Moderately deep set eyes with appropriately localised shorter fur to reveal light wrinkling is what mostly causes this. At his nose there is a bump which makes it a bit larger than most but suits him for the rest of his features.

Colourings: The fur consists mostly of grey tones with a sparse light silvery underside that colours mostly around his mouth, lower of the nose bridge, throat, and under his eyes. The silvery white of darker tone can be found on his fore-paws, lowest point of the chest, and eyebrows. His shoulders, ear rims/tips, lower mane and much of his back is coloured black which is followed by a fox red overlapping with ticking and solid colour between were the black and grey meet. His eyes being dull teal against the light shade surrounding his eyes can still look faded and somewhat striking with the correct reflection of light.

Strength -- 63%
Speed ----- 84%
Stamina --- 82%
Agility --- 66%
Reflexes -- 95%

Notable Personality Traits: [Less prominent or inconsistently occurring traits]
[Positive +] Clever / Caring / Wise / Open-minded / Jocular / Animated
[Neutral 0] Independent / Adventurous / Idiosyncratic / Self-assured / Serious
[Negative -] Erratic / Deceptive / Cold / Insouciant / Stubborn / Rebellious / Cynical

Personality Overview: For the most part he portrays himself as a hard and colder character by default and generally, if not almost always on the bad-tempered side of the proverbial scale. He never becomes friends easily but is still open to company on his terms. A lot of the time Sergill can become very bored which requires him to have things to do almost constantly. At heart he is a kind and gentle individual but getting him to show that takes more effort than most are willing to invest. When met with violence it is best to describe him as a pacifist, he would rather contribute to a petty argument than meet the prospect of killing another. that said it still gives him a safe range to be physically violent while defensive and most likely feeling cornered in one way or another.

Likes: Swimming, star-gazing, desert landscapes, rain, extreme storms, dangerous activities, exploring, spending time with friends.
Annoyances: Unexpected emotional situations, being outsmarted, being confused, feeling patronised, being interrupted mid-sentence, small-talk.
Fear: Death, fatal injury, losing a loved one or friend, making regrettable actions he can't take back.

Ability: Assisted through size and good health, Sergill has the right amount of energy to expend in demanding activities, requiring his capability and self-control over energy usage. Despite his slender build he is almost oddly durable however not the strongest out of typical fight capable wolves. Often he'll resort to if not start by trying to outsmart an opponent rather than use brute force. His most notable abilities in problem solving, observation, and quick thinking are the biggest advantages he holds. Although he could be considered smart or clever he is limited to his "specialties" and some situations such as social interaction that may be easy for others is a great challenge for him, even when it may seem otherwise.

Important Character Note: His final noteworthy ability not mentioned above is him functioning normally on so little sleep compared to most wolves. Often he'll spend time in the night to do things for his own enjoyment around the territory while the rest or most of the pack sleeps. He sees this time as his free period in which to feel at home and in the (mostly) peacefulness of his own company. Of course being so close by to his pack all the time he gets up to what he can get away with, never leaving the territory or being obtrusive.


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PostSubject: Re: ∆ Sergill ∆   ∆ Sergill ∆ EmptySun Nov 29, 2015 5:26 pm

I love the Biography so far, Sergill. Welcome to the pack.

The attack eyebrows... I'm dying<3
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PostSubject: Re: ∆ Sergill ∆   ∆ Sergill ∆ EmptyMon Nov 30, 2015 1:30 pm

That is an awesome reference Sergill! Love the expression and how well the drawing fits the description in your bio.
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PostSubject: Re: ∆ Sergill ∆   ∆ Sergill ∆ EmptyTue Dec 01, 2015 12:00 pm

Thanks Aysel and Rosalee!
Made some needed changes, any other edits or additional information is just going to have to come along with character development in the rp.
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PostSubject: Re: ∆ Sergill ∆   ∆ Sergill ∆ Empty

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