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 Pack Rules

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PostSubject: Pack Rules   Mon Jun 18, 2012 3:27 pm

The Rules of Stipant Elementorum

*Please be aware that the rules could be changed and/or updated.



- As a member you are required to post on our website and WQ thread (If applicable) once a week.
- Be respectful to each and every individual residing in the pack.
- If you must leave the pack for an extended amount of time, please notify an Alpha of the pack to be put on an EFA.
- Let the Alphas know if you must permenately leave the pack.


Within the RP

- Keep any RPing a PG-13 rating.
- Just because you have a rival in the RP does not mean you are enemies in real life.
- RP in Third Person only.
- No exessive gore.
- No death unless agreed upon previously.
- If a plot is going on, please try to stick to it.
- Keep the environment nice for all members.

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Pack Rules
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