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 Loki Male

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PostSubject: Loki Male   Tue Dec 01, 2015 3:16 am

(First off, added a theme song at the very bottom. In case you wanna listen while you read the bio or at least the history? :3)

Age: 3 years, 5 months

Gender: Male

Rank: Scout or Spy (whichever you want :3)

Nicknames: Legs, Lover-Boy, Love-Sponge, Trickster, Lolo, Kiki (sometimes Smiley or Happy)

Sexuality: Doesn't care about gender, if he loves you he loves you ^^


Height & Length: He is 40 inches tall at the shoulder. His length is 68 inches nose to tail

Weight: 140 pounds

Pelt: His pelt is for the most part ebony, however he does have lighter spots, particularly his underbelly and his hips. His undercoat is grey, as the sunlight sometimes shows, and as seen when he is wet. At certain angels, his fur has a brown tint to it like it has brown highlights. His pelt is very shiny, and of medium thickness. It's very silky and soft, though it appears to be coarse and wiry and sometimes a little thin.

Scars & Markings: He has a few markings. The major one being the random brown patch above his chest in his lower mane. The other markings would be all the light coloring on his underbelly. His scars are on his neck, underbelly and his legs. The scar on his neck is actually the brown patch of fur that he has there. When it healed, the fur didn't entirely grow back, so that patch is shorter than the rest of his mane and a different shade.

Appearance: Loki is tall, with an above average height, and he has long, quite muscular legs. He isn't lacking in muscle, it's a decent amount of mass, however he isn't packed to the bone with it as a warrior would be. His ears, while not perfectly pointed, are not necessarily perfectly rounded either. His eyes are a very gorgeous, bright, standout copper in shade, especially against his midnight pelt.

~Hyper   ~Fun-Loving   ~Curious   ~Mischievous   ~Adventurous   ~Teaser/Trickster   ~Loyal   ~Trusting   ~Friendly   ~Loving   ~Kind   ~Playful   ~Klutz   ~He's an idiot ^^lll   ~Gullible   ~Naive   ~Pup at heart :3   ~Hides emotion with a smile   ~Very flirty if he is drawn to you

Likes: Playing, Pranking, Having Fun, Running, Checking out stuff, Chewing sticks, Jumping in leaves, Snow, Rain, Water, Swimming, Flirting (if he likes you)

Dislikes: Being ignored, being bored, meanies, seclusion, exclusion, and wolves that are alone. If he sees you alone he'll try his best to make you happy and befriend you.

Strengths: He's fast, he's agile, he's silent, he's loyal, he can run or he can fight, he's got a ton of energy and a ton of stamina

Weaknesses: He's gullible and naive and too trusting. Being so trusting will most definitely be his downfall. He also gets clumsy when overly excited. you could argue that he is also too friendly and being so nice he may get on some nerves. He's also curious and mischievous, that may or may not lead him into trouble someday.

Greatest Fears: Losing someone he loves be it as a friend or more. Rogue packs.

Painful Truth

Loki's Tragic Past

Loki came from a very gentle and loving family. A mother, a father, and from a litter of 8. He was the fifth born. They all got along great and belonged to the BlueMoon Pack. This pack was as gentle as the name suggests. Consisting of pups, healers, scouts, and a few hunters. They welcomed in anyone that wanted to be there, even without questioning them first. They had many allies, all except the neighboring pack. The Crimson Dusk Pack, a very large pack: earning their  name through their vicious, merciless and cruel ways. The crimson standing for all the blood the pack was built upon, this pack only welcomed in the strongest and most vicious rogues. They killed all others that came. The Crimson Dusk wolves for unknown reasons hated the BlueMoon Pack with a passion. Loki's pack pretty much assumed it was they were just jealous because the BlueMoon pack had  more food to spare.
It was just the usual peaceful and happy day in the territory when the Crimson Dusk lashed out at the BlueMoon wolves. Chasing them from their territory, and slaughtering any who either fell behind, or tried to make a stand. The BlueMoons weren't known for fighting, but for their kindness and genorosity. Not a single wolf in that pack was ever sad, or left alone. They were all a big, happy family, that was always smiling. They've been chased from their homes many times, that's why the entire pack consisted of strong runners, and were all built for speed and agility. After running for a day the BlueMoon pack finally stopped to rest for the evening. The Alpha mates counted what remained of the pack. Not many were lost, but it still felt as if they had lost the entire pack. Among those lost was Loki's father.
When sunrise came, the BlueMoon pack was already up and preparing to leave. But it was too late, the alphas barely had time to say "Let's go." when the alphas of the Crimson Dusk pack leaped into view, and wasted no time tearing into the wolves closest to them, which were the BlueMoon alphas. The alphas managed to order the pack to run, and then joined the deceased. So the pack ran, but right into a wall of Crimson Dusk wolves. The wind chose to work in favor of the Crimson Dusk pack this day, the BlueMoon pack had no idea they were there. Loki was the last wolf to run, so he was the one to avoid many of the ambushes the Crimson Dusk wolves had prepared for. He tried to save whoever he could along the way, but it was too late for any of them. The Crimson Dusk pack had officially killed every male, female, and pup the pack had. Except Loki of course. Loki was the only survivor of the whole pack because he ran last and knew the safest way.  He didn't come out unscathed though. The first day of running, he was tackled down when a rogue grabbed his back leg into his jaws, and Loki was then pinned and attacked by multiple rogues. All clawing and biting at his neck and underbelly. His long and muscular legs are what saved him when he kicked the rogues off that first day. Otherwise, he would have been a goner.
Trying to survive on his own as a lone wolf was hard. Between the grief of his massacred pack, and not knowing anything about surviving alone, it was the toughest thing this male had ever done. He wished he could reverse everything and go back to the peaceful, happy life he once knew. His personality and everything he was, it was all because of his pack. Losing them was like losing himself. Things seemed to perk up when Loki came across a female. Dark in shade just like Loki. For a bit he thought that by chance she may have been a member of his pack that somehow survived the Crimson Dusk attack as well. But it was not so. She was just a loner who happened to resemble Loki's old pack, her name was Onyx. Loki couldn't be happier to finally meet another wolf. They quickly became friends and decided to travel together. They mated along the way. Soon she was pregnant with Loki's offspring and the two decided to form a pack all their own and start anew. When winter came, the pair managed to stumble upon a foreign place. Onyx decided to walk ahead when the pair came to some sort of black river. Only it was solid like it was frozen over, with these large foreign objects traveling across it. Whatever they were they were noisy and smelled metallic and rubbery. Loki got scared and ran away, expecting Onyx to be right behind him. However, Onyx decided to try crossing this strange river. By the time Loki noticed and went back, it was too late. He arrived to find the blood pooling beneath an unbreathing Onyx. Loki whined and whimpered, slowlying making his way towards her. But before he could reach her these two legged beings unlike anything he had ever seen before lifted her up and hauled her away in the back of one of those large objects. Loki watched the object move away until it was out of sight, he even ran after it when he came across other canines, but they weren't wolves. He stopped to observe them a while, but the emptiness and guilt swelling within him prevented him from enjoying it or doing anything further. With a low hanging head, and a heavy heart Loki left. He found a place safe and secluded, and there he mourned the loss of Onyx. He didn't truly love Onyx he didn't think. But he cared deeply for her, enough to make them an us. That said, he still mourned her for months. Rarely eating, and feeling nothing but lost in the world.
One day, when he was finally feeling up to the task of getting at least a small easy snack. Along the way he came into contact with those other canines again... As much as he hated himself for it, his curiosity bested him and he mingled with these other canines, that for some odd reason came in all shapes and sizes, some resembled wolves while others kind of looked like rodents or small game. However, when he came into contact with those two-legged creatures that he referred to as "naked mole rats" he remembered Onyx and ran from them. Though he was quite curious as to where their tails were. As time passed, he got more accustomed to the naked mole rats, and grew comfortable enough to play with these other canines even with the mole rats yards away, then feet, then inches. He stayed in this place for a year or longer. Befriending the canines and even the rats. They were all really nice and seemed to really like him. It was almost like home... Almost.
One day he decided it was nice while it lasted, but he couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to be in a pack again, to be surrounded by his own species and be a part of a true family again. So he left that odd place, and began searching for a pack to call home. Loki is in fact, still searching for a pack and a family.

Mate: Onyx - deceased

Pups: Were never born

Crush: None at the moment

Friends: Who knows...

Enemies: None but Crimson Dusk he hopes

Family: All deceased


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PostSubject: Re: Loki Male   Tue Dec 01, 2015 7:04 am

This is really good. Sad history, but I love it. In particular, it caught my interest at the Crimson Dusk Pack part. Considering Raissa's birth Pack was like them, cruel and killing all others. Anyway, its cool!

✧ Raissa ✧
✧ |The bold soul | The silent stalker| ✧
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PostSubject: Re: Loki Male   Tue Dec 01, 2015 1:44 pm

Thank you :3

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PostSubject: Re: Loki Male   Tue Dec 01, 2015 1:59 pm

Interesting history with the outside species mingling! Sad of course.
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PostSubject: Re: Loki Male   Tue Dec 01, 2015 6:01 pm

Great job on the Biography, Loks! I can tell you put a lot of hard work in it. ^.^
Just shoot me a PM once you decide what rank you would like, and I'll put it up. :3
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PostSubject: Re: Loki Male   Tue Dec 01, 2015 10:44 pm

Lovely bio as always <3 I love how he's based on a real wolf. RIP Romeo.
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PostSubject: Re: Loki Male   Thu Dec 03, 2015 3:11 pm

@ Sergill - Yes. Thank you ~^^~
@Aysel - I did. Thank you x3 <3
@Rosalee - Yeah, It's kind of like a tribute sort of thing to him. He really didn't deserve to go out like that :( But thank you ~^^~ <3 <3

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PostSubject: Re: Loki Male   

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Loki Male
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