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 Forty Six -wip

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PostSubject: Forty Six -wip   Mon Dec 07, 2015 3:43 pm


Name: 46

Age: 2.5 years

Gender: Male

Breed: 80% British Columbian wolf (Canis lupus columbianus) 20% Tundra Wolf (Canis lupus albus)

Rank: Spy

Element: Spirit

Sexuality: Pansexual

Physical Appearance

Fur:  46 mostly consists of a black leathery coat. The coloration of his fur helps him blend in with shadows.  Because of Tundra wolf in his heritage, his fur is slightly longer than other British Columbian wolves. The texture of his fur is soft and silky.  Because of his fur being so thick, long, as well as dark in color the brute does not do well in hot weather and likes to stay in shaded areas.

Build: The male is average size for his gender and breed, reaching about 30 inches tall and 5.5 feet in length from nose to tail.  His build gives him average physical qualities, such as strength, speed, and stamina. While his abilities do not stand out much, it is enough to sustain his needs, as he does not appear to be weak in any of these areas either.  
Eyes: 46 has bright yellow eyes.  When the light hits them correctly they appear to glow.  Because he spends most of his time either in the shade of the den during the day, or out beneath the black night sky, his eyes have adjusted well to the dark and he can see decently.


Persona: 46 is a quiet individual, and never speaks more than a few words at a time.  He only speaks when he has to and keeps to himself most of the time, refusing to open up unless he absolutely trusts you.  Though, it is extremely difficult to gain the males trust.  More likely than not, he will not open up to an individual.  Because of this he appears mysterious, as many barely know anything about him. He stands in the shadows observing, rather than participating in many activities. However, this does not include his job.  He is an experienced spy and will do what is necessary for his pack. He will usually take orders, and does what he is told, but sometimes he wishes he was more dominant. Because of this he is hesitant to his superiors. However this is nothing more than a wish, and does not prevent him from doing his duties, rather it acts more as a distraction.  Another wish of his is that he was more open.  He wants to be friendly and interactive, the problem is he doesn’t trust anyone, and for good reason. Deciding to keep his distance, 46 has decided to sleep during the day.  He will usually find a way to get everything he needs to get done beneath the darkness of night.

Likes: While 46 is not an optimistic, he still tries to enjoy what life gives him to the best of his ability.  Because of this, he has managed to find joy in several things. One thing he enjoys is silence.  The quiet gives him the opportunity to collect his thoughts.  It also gives him the chance to work without being distracted.  Because he spends most of his time in the dark, he feel most comfortable within the shadows, and has grown to like the darkness. He rarely seen during daylight hours. Because of his thick fur coat, he also enjoys the cold weather.  He becomes more energized in cooler temperatures, rather than on hot days.    

Dislikes: There are also several things 46 dislikes. This includes loud noises and bright lights, but also less obvious things,  such as seeing others judged. He believes everyone should be treated equivalent, even lower ranking wolves. While he has a kind heart, the brute may seem like a grump, this is because he doesn't like having too much attention on him.  When someone nags him too much, he gets annoyed and will most likely ask them to leave.  If they refuse to listen, he may even yell and demand to be left alone, or perhaps them a nip as a warning to leave him be.  Despite this, the male also hates being alone. He does enjoy a little bit of company just not too much.  Though his affection for others is rarely ever shown.  He will most likely act like he doesn't want anyone around, even if he secretly does.    


Introduction:  46  was born in an overpopulated pack.  They were aggressive, and did not welcome outsiders. They only welcomed the very best into their ranks.  Because of this, they did not consider new born pups a part of the pack until after they passed an exam at ten months of age. As a matter of fact, they did not bother to name the newborns, instead the pups were identified by numbers they would be given.  The number was based on how many pups were born in the pack in total.  Whatever number the pup was, was the identification they would receive. This way, no two pups would end up with the same number.  Once they reached the age of ten months, the pups would be put through several tests.   High ranking wolves would watch and examine them, then give them a score that would be 0 through 100.  If the pup got below a 70, they would be abandoned, left to either fend for themselves or die.  

The beginning:  1 day old - Knala  sat in the den with a litter of pups. She was not sure where the father was, nor was she sure he even cared about her having their first litter of offspring.  No one cared in this pack. She wasn’t even sure why she stayed.  But, here she was, helping populate the place.  She knew some of the pup wouldn't make it passed ten months of age.  As the tests they were put through were quite challenging for such youngsters.  Her heart sank as she thought about the probable outcome of her currently healthy litter of five puppies.  Her head soon rose as a shadow of another wolf crept over her. Her vision revealed Grim, the current beta of the pack.  He examined each of the pup before asking the mother to line them up, first oldest on the left to youngest on the right.  Knala did as she was told.  The beta took another look at the pups before pointing to each of them giving them a number. "46, 47, 48, 49 and 50" he spoke in an emotionless tone before turning around and exiting the nursery. Knala sighed before giving each pup a lick on their foreheads.  They once again nuzzled against her, each searching for the warmth of their mother.

2 months old - For the first time, the litter of five pups were let outside of the den.  Their mother supervised their every move.  It took a moment for their eyes to adjust to the open sunlight, but before they knew it they ran off into the open, spreading around like wildfire.  They were soon introduced to several other litters of pups.  Young and carefree, they played together beneath the clear skies.  Though there was one who stood out.  Like 46, he was the oldest of his litter.  He went by the title of 37.  Him and 46 got along well, and day after day, when they were let outside, they would find each other and play together. Though there was one thing 46 noticed about 37.  He was a bit rough. Though 46 didn't suspect anything of him until he heard from his younger siblings.  48 and 49,  were both being bullied by him.  46 would not stand for that, and soon approached 37 about the matter. 37 just laughed at the situation.  The brute then challenged him to combat, which didn't end well for him. 49 saw her brother being vicousley attacked by the male who had been bullying her, and stepped in to protect him.  Though, she didn't know the first thing about fighting, and greatly underestimated 37, who tore her to shreds.  While 46 suspected 37 to be punished for such a crime as killing another pack member, the superiors instead praised him.  They said he was a true warrior for his age.  The alpha had even witnessed the scene, and took 37 in as his adopted son, claiming he wanted a strong individual such as 37 to raise on his own.   It was then 46 knew what a horrible place this world truly was. He began to question if there was a better place beyond the territory, but he didn't find an answer.      

4 months old - While his mother was off on a hunting trip, the pups tackled and played with each other.  48 however sat away from the group and stared outside at the pouring rain.  She listened as to the thumping beat of the raindrops as they splashed upon the ground.  46 soon walked away from the horse play of his fellow siblings and approached the female.  "what ya doing?" he asked.  48 turned to her brother and explained how much she missed her sister.  46 then mad a promise he would someday avenge 49 and take down 37. 48 nuzzled against her brother, and asked if they could go outside for a walk, to which the male replied "It's raining, and we aren't allowed out of the den without mother around." 48 looked into his eyes and replied "mother doesn't have to know." She stood to her feet and began to pad outside, the rain soaking her fur. She turned to her brother "Come on!" she called out before trotting off into the distance. 46 knew he needed to follow her, he would not let another one of his siblings end up dead only because the world was so cruel.  He ran after her, only to be stopped at the sight of a much larger wolf.  Standing tall and dominant, he recognized the wolf as the alpha, Chaos.  He hid in the bushes, hoping 49 would follow, but she was caught.  The alpha approached the young pup and questioned her. from her hesitance he implied she had run off from the den, which was the truth.  "Disobeying orders will not be tolerated here... you know you cannot be out without your mother until you reach six months of age." The alpha called out for another wolf, who's figure soon appeared through the fog behind him.  "your daughter has been acting up... take care of that for me." 46 had never met his father, until now.  He watched as 48 was picked up from the scruff of her neck and carried away.  That was the last 46 saw his sister.  Once the coast was clear, he hurried back to the safety of the den, and let tears roll down his face. He was guilty that he had let his two sisters die.  Feeling like he had no one to blame but himself.  

The middle: 6 months old - For the first time, 46 and his two remaining siblings were let out without their mothers supervision.  Or so they thought.  Though Knala was actually watching them from the distance, not wanting what was left of her litter harmed.  However the group of pups did not stick together for long, so it made it hard for their mother to keep an eye on all three.   46 was the first to wander away from his other two siblings.  As a familiar scent had caught his attention. He followed the scent trail to the center of the territory, where he saw many wolves going about their daily routine, but their was only one he was specifically looking for.  Though, 46 couldn't seem to find him. Then out of of nowhere the wolf jumped into the air, tackling 46 to the ground a pinning him down. "Hey old pal!" 37 said with a playful grin.  "Finally let out on your own, eh?" 46 stumbled back onto his feet as soon as the tawny colored brute got off of him.  "pal...? Yeah right!" He looked 37 in the eye. "You can't go killing my little sister and still call me your friend." 37 went silent for a moment.  "Oh come on! that was awhile ago!" He rolled his eyes. "But I mean, if you can't learn to forgive and forget that's your problem, not mine." 46 didn't take his eyes off of 37, though didn't really pay attention to his features til now. muscular, taller, and probably outweighing him by a ton, 46 questioned if he could really take on this beast.  He knew that strength was not the only factor you needed to win a fight, one also needed skill, but considering 37 had probably had proper training from the alpha, he most likely had more of that as well. He gave out a sigh and began to walk away.  Though he stopped after several steps in the other direction and looked back at 37.  "I will be back... someday, and I will avenge my sisters, you'll see!" He then left the area, in search for his brothers.  

8 months old - 46 was asleep in the den when his mother entered, nudging him and his siblings to wake them. The morning sun had yet to peak over the horizon, though it would be soon. Knala called to her pups. "come, there is something I need to show you." Each of the youngsters got to their paws and filed out the den after their mother. "What is it you need to wake us this early for?" 47 said after releasing a large yawn. Knala looked at each of them and began to speak. "I want to prepare you all for what's to come. This morning, Ambers litter turned ten months of age. They will be tested soon... As you all know, it's a big deal, as their scores will determine their future, and possibly weather they will survive to adulthood or not." 46 knew the name... Amber... It was one of his mother's friends. Though if he remembered correctly it was also 37's birth mother. He didn't know if 37 would be testing today or not. He knew Amber wasn't considered his mother anymore since the alpha adopted him as his own. As a matter of fact, he didn't know if 37 was ever going to be tested, as the alpha probably did not want to abandon his adopted son if he didn't pass. Though 37 most likely received the proper training by now to pass more easily than most, so perhaps he would be there. Either way it didn't matter much to 46. He would go to watch examples of what needed to be done to do well, and it really didn't matter who was there. Knala then lead her offspring down a path that lead to a part of the territory the pups had never been before. 46 looked around him. They had stopped at the edge of a dense forest. Ahead of them was an open area that the forest circled. Knala told them not to head into the open area, as everyone not participating was to watch from the edge of the forest and not allowed to interfere. Several scents hit the males nostrils. Some he recogised, some he didn't. Wolves from all sections of the territory had come to watch the poor youngsters be judged with events that could determine life or death. 46 began to concentrate on the scents he did recognise wondering who he knew that was here. He could smell amber's pups, the ones participating in the event. Though he could not see him. To his surprise, 37's scent was mixed in with them. 46 looked up, seeing the council of wolves gather in the center of the open area. Soon the youngsters were called over to sit before them. A long speech was given by the delta of the pack, Norris, about the importance of today for those participating. 46 only half paid attention to it. It didn't concern him, not yet anyway. Each pup lined up, oldest to youngest. The first test was announced, it was to test each wolves speed and agility. Individually, each was to run five laps around the open area. The score would then be calculated based on how long it took, and how well they maintained their pace throughout the process. As the oldest, 37 was the first to go. He did decently, but was not flawless. He received 97. 46 began to feel better about the testing, as it looked simple to get a high score. Then the next oldest went, and did just as well, if not better than 37. She received a 76, which didn't seem right. Then 46 realised what was going on. They were going to give 37 a high score no matter how he did on each of the tests, as he was the alpha's pup. The council was most likely ordered to do so. The second test examined the wolves strength. They were to fight one of the council members who would go lightly on them, as they were still young, but still hard enough to challenges the pups. 46 did have to admit that 37 did well in this test, but his theory was proven correct by the last of the three tests. It was to determine their defense skill. Once again they would go against one of the council members, but were told to block the attacks, rather than fighting back. 37 slipped up badly, and ended up with a large gash of his face. Nearly everyone else had done better, even the one who failed and was sent to exile. He still received the highest score of a 90. Those who passed then received their names. 46 didn't pay much attention to who was names what except for 37, who was titled Pharaoh.

10 months old - The day was here, judgement day. The day that would determine 46's and his siblings fates. The council gathered in the center, and it was only a matter of time before the pups were called over to begin their testing. 46 took a deep breath, and stepped forward when he was called. A speech was given, and this time he payed attention carefully to Norris's words. "Today is an important day for these younglings. It will determine the place they hold in life. If they fail, they will be exiled, though if they pass they will be rewarded to stay within such a pack... A pack of dignity and pride... A pack of strength and honor. Only those worthy may be a part of our ranks. Today we ask these youngsters to try their hardest to prove their worth and capabilities. We now ask them to align themselves in the order in which they were born, oldest to youngest." 46 and his brothers did what they were told. As the oldest, 46 was to go first. The first test begin to determine this speed and agility capabilities. He was to run laps around the edge of the field 5 times. Listening carefully to the directions, 46 prepared himself for the exam. At the sound of the howl, he began to run. He was fast, but made sure not to tire himself out. He had to keep a steady pace as well as reserve energy for the next few exams. His paws propelled his body weight foreword with each step he took. The breeze lightly blew through his fur, keeping his body cool as he ran. He was doing well, if not perfectly. Everything around him was a blur, though he could make out certain wolves who were watching, such as his mother. He continued foreword, passed several other wolves that he didn't recognize until he found another one he did. 37 watched from thicket. 46 could feel his eyes upon him, judging his every move. It distracted him, and he began to stumble but caught himself. but he still felt uncomfortable, and wasn't paying as much attention that he should have been. Several seconds later, he found himself on the ground. He looked up at the tall brown trunk that towered above him. He had gone off coarse without noticing and hit a tree. He heard as several wolves began to laugh, including some of the council members. The reality then hit him. He realized how bad this moment truly was... It was all over. He would fail the first exam and be sent away, not given another chance. He stumbled back to his feet, and looked back at the council members. They shook their heads. He was then escorted out of the territory without the chance to say goodbye to his mother or siblings. They lead him to a river about a halfa mile from the border of the territory, then abandoned him there. He sat by the river bank, stareing at his reflection for a long while, eventually loosing track of time. It was up to him to take care of himself now. It was up to him whetheror not he survived.

This is not the end:  1 year old -

2 years old -

Currently -


Mother: Knala

Father: Kasper

Siblings: Nanook (47)
48 (Deceased)
49 (Deceased)
Brier (50)

Other Relations

Friends: TBA

Enemies: Pharaoh(37)

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PostSubject: Re: Forty Six -wip   Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:23 pm

ohhh wow. That is way unique, way awesome, and way interesting! I cannot wait to see the rest!! Welcome to the pack I can't wait to meet you :3

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PostSubject: Re: Forty Six -wip   Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:36 pm

Thank you! can't wait to meet you as well Loki!
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PostSubject: Re: Forty Six -wip   Mon Dec 07, 2015 7:36 pm

Cool, another Spy! Welcome aboard, Forty Six.

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PostSubject: Re: Forty Six -wip   Mon Dec 07, 2015 8:06 pm

Welcome to the pack! Looking forward to roleplaying with ya!
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PostSubject: Re: Forty Six -wip   Tue Dec 08, 2015 9:05 pm

Your biography is incredible so far, 46. Everything is so creative and inspired. I am really looking forward to meeting you as well as your character!
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PostSubject: Re: Forty Six -wip   

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Forty Six -wip
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