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PostSubject: Ikariah | Dauntless Scout (W.I.P)   Ikariah | Dauntless Scout (W.I.P) EmptyThu Dec 10, 2015 9:57 pm

Title | Ikariah (Pronunciation Ick-ah-rye-ah)
Alias | Aria
Sex | Female
Age | 2.5 years (19 human years)
Species | Gray Wolf
Affiliation | Stipant Elementorum

II. Physical
Height | 30"
Weight | 74 lbs
Fur Color | White/Cream/Dark Brown
Eye Color | Pale Brown or Yellow
Description | Well-suited for her rank, Aria is tall, but lithe, with a flexible and slender physique accompanied by long legs. Her paws are rather large, a feature she is embarrassed of although it allows her to climb steep slopes with little issue. Despite being sleek in build, she has a deep chest and beneath all the fur, compact lean muscle, which allows her to run for miles without stopping if she paces herself right. Her pelt itself is comprised of two layers; a downy, thick underfur which is pure white in color, and an upper layer that is more thin and silky to the touch. This layer is also white throughout the majority of her appearance, although a cream hue comes into play along the bridge of her muzzle, crest of her head, her shoulders, rib cage, and flank as well as her tail. Along with this there is a darker reddish-brown stripe of color that originates from her ears and encompasses her scruff to follow her spine all the way to the tip of her tail. The dark color fades into the lighter tan fur, giving her a very blended appearance that lacks any hard edges or angles. Her visage is pale and usually very clearly reflects her emotions despite her attempts to be reserved, and her muzzle is long and narrow, accompanied by a strong jaw. Her ears are large and perceptive. Her last feature is her eyes, which are pale in color although not particularly striking, as they usually take up a diluted brown or amber hue. Her entire appearance dissatisfies her slightly, as she appears rather muddled and, as aforementioned, blended, rather than possessing any striking or bold features, although she does carry herself with a certain grace.
Stats and Abilities | Strength - 4/10, Speed - 8/10, Stamina - 8/10, Agility - 7/10, Flexibility - 5/10, Reflexes - 8/10
Aria is an individual very suited to running for long periods of time, but of course, the price is her lack of physical strength. She prefers to avoid combat because of her lack of said might, but when forced to take the offensive her reflexes are sharp and she is very agile; she fights similar to a viper, with singular, well-placed bites at high speed, but there is always the risk of being pinned down or cornered. During such an occurrence, she has little chance of escaping or surviving.

III. Mental/Emotional
Traits | [+]Tenacious, Optimistic, Sociable, Accepting, Devoted, Affectionate, Courageous
[-]Short-fused, Stubborn, Rash, Trigger-happy, Naïve, Jealous, Arrogant
Although she is a scout, Ikariah has a personality more befitting to a warrior- despite the fact that her intentions are always good and she is, at heart, kind, her ill temper and tendency to cop an attitude can make her initially disagreeable at times. Meeting Aria is a coin toss, of sorts. Initially she's a very sociable individual and her lack of fear and confidence in the prevailing good gives her an oftentimes contagiously bright attitude, however, if the wrong buttons are pushed she can very easily become crude, sarcastic or even downright volatile. She very carefully conceals self-esteem issues and an immense desire to improve herself and impress her superiors behind a veil of confidence and optimism. One wrong word can send her into quite the sulk, and although she's generally accepting of others and their flaws, insults or accusations aimed directly at her make her particularly defensive (especially because she tries to avoid accusing others). Forgiveness is not impossible for her, but it is difficult, and first impressions are definitely vital when speaking to her.
Additionally, although Aria strikes to impress those she idolizes or even simply befriends, she does not blindly follow orders or allow herself to be swayed by manipulation. Her devotion is limited in this way, and wrongdoings or injustice are just one more thing that can bring out the worst in her. Once she's angered she essentially flies off the handle, and all signs of her usual reservation and respect can dissolve, depending on how bad she feels the situation is. She oftentimes regrets her outbursts, because they can end in severe consequences that she doesn't exactly comprehend while she sticks up for whatever it is she believes in. This is also true when she throws herself into physically hazardous situations without stopping to think that she is a scout and not a warrior. She's very loyal to all she befriends and oftentimes acts committed against said friends are more often than not what causes her to get herself into trouble. She highly values her friends, and her desire for affection and respect also manifests in the form of she herself being affectionate as well.

//passes out

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PostSubject: Re: Ikariah | Dauntless Scout (W.I.P)   Ikariah | Dauntless Scout (W.I.P) EmptyThu Dec 10, 2015 10:04 pm

Your biography is wonderful so far, Aria! Welcome. c:
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PostSubject: Re: Ikariah | Dauntless Scout (W.I.P)   Ikariah | Dauntless Scout (W.I.P) EmptyTue Dec 15, 2015 3:10 pm

Welcome, Aria! I can't wait to meet you.

✧ Raissa ✧
✧ |The bold soul | The silent stalker| ✧
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PostSubject: Re: Ikariah | Dauntless Scout (W.I.P)   Ikariah | Dauntless Scout (W.I.P) Empty

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Ikariah | Dauntless Scout (W.I.P)
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