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PostSubject: Calder Relik   Calder Relik EmptyThu Jan 28, 2016 11:02 am

Calder Relik Coolte17
N A M E :
Calder Relik
A L I A S E S :
Cal, 'alder, Cally, Relik, Rel
G E N D E R :
H O U R  G L A S S :
Mature ➤ 3 and a half
E X P E R I E N C E D ➤ R A N K S :
HeirAlpha WarriorDispersal
H E  L D ➤  R A N K :
G O A L ➤ R A N K :

Calder Relik Coolte18
P H Y S I C A L ➤ B U I L D :
Calder is only roughly 2-3 inches taller than the average male. His frame is steadily built, speed may not be his top ally - though strength is. His broad frame is full compact with muscle. giving him a bit of an edge in hunting and fighting. Like many his size, his paws are massive - supporting his structure, and doubling as an asset while trekking in crumbling earth or snow. Calder has endured much, his physique always being a helpful characteristic. 

P E L T ➤ T E X T U R E :
Calder's fur is not all that long, like all wolves it is in fact double layered. Though water prevention is not on the list of things it does. Being born in a cold climate - it is more intended to keep heat or cool air inside. Making him comfortable - if it rains or if he submerges into a lake - he's bound to get soaked - which is much fishing in deeper waters is not all that easy for him.

P E L T ➤ P I G M E N T :
Calder is made up of numerous tints and shades of brown and gray. His ears, muzzle top, ankles, and tail have and splash of chestnut brown. While most of his frame is encased is a mixture of dingy gray and faded brown. His under side is mostly made up of a faded burlap colorization.

I R I S ➤ S H A D E :
Cal's eyes are a deep olive shade in their outer rims and grow into a vibrant ever-green tint of emerald.

B A T T L E ➤ W O U N D S :
 Calder's body has a few
A R O M A :
Calder has the natural scent of right after a powerful thunder storm; dampened soil and freshly drenched trees.
Calder Relik Coolte19
P E R O N A L I T Y :
Independent || Hot-headed || Protective || Competitive || Dominant/Assertive  || Loyal  || Determined
Independent ➤ Calder never really relied on anyone, more often they relied on him. Making him rather independent. He survived well alone and can handle the real world by himself. When worked up, nothing calms him for than being away from others. He often gets frustrated with others and their mistakes so prefers to do things on his own.
Hot-headed ➤ Calder is known for his temper, often his sisters and Kalli being the only ones that didn't get onto his bad side. Pierce and Cronus pushed him too far, now everything makes this male aggressive.
Protective ➤ Without a second though, Cal would risk his life for anyone he cares about or anyone he dedicates himself to such as a leader or pack family.
Competitive ➤ Calder will often never turn down a challenge, whether it be a fight or a bet that he couldn't complete a task. Fun and games are part of the reason, but Cal loves to win.
Dominant/Assertive ➤ Calder once being an alpha, still sees himself a bit above others, and wont hesitate to speak his mind and make himself heard. Though he is still respectful to his leaders and higher-ups
Loyal ➤ Once he swears his loyalty to you, nothing  can break it. His word is law in his mind. He dedicates himself to those he deems loyal to.
Determined Once put his mind to something, it is almost impossible to refrain Cal from attempting to succeed in his goals. His headstrong nature can be a bit to handle at times. It makes him rather stubborn and irrational.

H I S T O R Y :
Roughly 8 years ago, two nomads crossed paths, whether by chance or fate - they bonded. One was an achromatic pigmented male, Kandu- a base of white with black markings. With eyes of icy blue. The second, his soon to be mate, was a sun kissed she-wolf named Kaska. The duo of dispersal wolves traveled to countless territories, being welcomed and chased off several time - but none of the areas seemed to fit them. There was something special about them. Not only were they strong and agile, they were wise and gracious. They survived better than most could, in all types of conditions. After crossing paths with other loners, they began to follow Kandu and Kaska, seeking guidance and care. The pair did not refuse these desires - the led their pack of nomads with divine chivalry and outstanding protection. A group of dispersal wolves are not always welcome, many battles and many friendships happened along their way. Soon though, they found a land where no one resided - the prey and water was plentiful and they deemed it their own.
Once settling, a clan hierarchy was established, with Kandu and Kaska on top as dominants. It wasn't a surprise that the pair were decided upon to be leaders, and the decision upset no one. They lived for a year before anything major happened, but soon - their first litter was born. And nearly every year after they birthed a large healthy batch of pups. Finally - it was time for Calder's liter. And actually the last litter birthed by the alphas. They were now 7, though still quite active in their lives.  Cal was one of four healthy pups, though the only male. The others were Essence, Leto. and Catori. The four were all types of shades and mixtures of their parents colors, though Calder was the only to have neither his father nor mothers honey or pale blue eyes. His were a striking green, that of his grandfathers on his father's side.
All of Calder's elder siblings have left the pack aside from the twin males a year ahead of him. Pierce and Cronus- both commonly painted timber colors. Pierce' was positive he was destined to be the future alpha and Cronus beta. Though for some odd reason, many of the elders and authority figures of the pack held interest with their leaders' last born liter. The bunch of four. Throughout their first three months - Cal recalled all of the elders and elite ranks meeting with he and his sisters each day. Poking at them with their noses, rolling them over and observing each aspect of them. It was like that until the reached 6 months of age - they then began to observe from a distance. The siblings were taught to hunt and fight alone - which angered Pierce and Cronus - for they were not taught until one year of age. The silent jealousy never ceased in growth. Whenever taught a lesson, the elite group would lurk and watch the young litter. At the age of 8 months - the eldest wolf and wisest of the pack came up to Calder and his parents.
"It is time." They gray stained wolf spoke then left.
"Time for what?" Calder demanded, full of confusion. His parents simply bowed their heads to the elder and said to follow them. Soon Calder found himself at his pack boarder - his vibrant emerald gaze darting with each step. "Come out young one." The elder spoke the words calmly towards a bushel of vegetation. Cal soon saw a young she-wolf of the neighboring pack. 'Kallista?' The black and white she-wolf's name was faint in his mind. They had meet long ago, she was the heir of the pack nearest to them - the only daughter and only offspring in general of the elder leaders. "We are going to unite the packs, and we believe you and Kallista should adapt to the change, together."
Spoke his father with  kind bow to the heiress of the now joined pack. It was meant to be an arranged mating - a set alpha pair for the future, though Kalli and Calder knew nothing of that.
For the next four months - they bonded - becoming more of a brother and sister than a potential pair. Calder looked after her and his younger sisters the same. The year older Pierce and Cronus never stopped their envious ways, they over heard the deciding of Calder being deemed the leader, and were furious at the thought of an already declared mate. Soon both lusted after Kallista in secrecy, as well as the throne. Taking any chance to get near the young she-wolf, Calder was defensive - being the temper sensitive male he was - his brothers never got too close while he was around. One day Kandu, their father, approached them
"You are now two, tell me, when will you travel and begin your new lives" Pierce was a clever and cunning male, and Cronus brute strength, quite a power duo when they put their minds to it. They smiled coyly and replied "In three days time Father, then we shall disperse."
It was set, they were to leave. But not before they got what they wanted.
The night before their departure, they scouted out Kallista. Finding her in a solitary den for her own privacy. Together, they took turns holding her muzzle shut while the other had their way with her. The actions took all night. The next morning, Ares was off to wake his friend when he found her practically lifeless. Her muzzle was punctured all around, claw marks covered her rib cage. The she wolf had no strength to speak- though the tainted stench of his brothers lingered profoundly. Calder hissed a snarl and charged out of the den, and tracked his siblings for hours - eventually a whole day, finding them miles away. He knew what they did, but they didn't feel threatened by their younger still growing brother. Calder fought them, and won. Each brother hung onto life by  thread, low whines echoing from their carcass like state.
"If you ever step foot on my land again, I will be sure to end both of your lives."
With these words, Calder left his brothers.
He returned home, and explained what had happened. The alphas, heartbroken, still thanked their son for his protective actions. From that day, Kallista never trusted a male other than Calder. Over the next six months - Calder and his sisters grew closer to Kalli as they cared for her. But soon disaster struck. The alphas fell ill, and the shamans could do nothing to cure it - only slow it's harmful symptoms. Calder and the whole pack watched as their beloved leaders pass on. To which led to Cal being alpha, and  Kallista the alphess. Though they were not mated, nor would they ever be, they ruled just as divinely as Cal's parents had.
Through the next six months - they greeted and welcomed many into their family. Never experiencing any real trouble. Until a few weeks after Calder's second birthday. Their was silence in all the land, the animals had fled. Cal knew nothing of what caused this until his guards gave the warning. A pack was on their way here, and they weren't being subtle or friendly. Calder ordered Kalli to go into the den with the younger wolves, he went out to the battle field. It was Pierce and Cronus. They had formed their own ruthless pack.
"You received everything that we deserved!" Pierce snapped the words towards Cal - "I told you if you step foot in my land I would kill you!" Cal growled in a dominant tone. "I'd like to see you try!"
With this threat, Pierce and his pack charged forward and the war was on.
Hours, days, weeks later, half of each pack was gone. Essence, Catori, Leto and Calder fought along side one another against Pierce and Cronus. It was when Cronus had pinned Essence, that Calder's adrenaline and protective nature peaked. Calder wasted no time to end his elder brother's life, and soon he ended Pierce as well. The war died down, and the former pack of the evil brothers dispersed or requested access to join Cal's pack.
Calder was only two years and 1 month of age - and he had witnessed death, murder, leadership, and much more. The wolf began to wonder if this was the life he desired. One night he spent time talking with Essence and Kallista- to which they all agreed it would be okay to leave together. The three of them. The beta wolves, Leto, and Catori would take over their positions.
Once announcing their plan, the pack did not stop them, they encouraged their choices. After a few months of travels, they entered a new pack. And decided to stay. During which, Kalli met a young male wolf and fell in love. Essence began to take lessons from the clan elder and saw them as a type of parental figure. While Calder took an interest with the pack's newest beta. A she-wolf named Echo. A golden and black pigmented timber wolf. For  months, the two of them secretly saw one another. But Calder never knew why, he assumed because he was the new guy, and she was a higher up. But soon he found the real reason. One night the Casanova decided to surprise his love interest, sneaking into her den to see her. As he neared it, he realized why he could not be with her. She was being affectionate with another male. The lead hunter of the pack to be exact. Calder growled towards the act, and the following day when he was meant to meet the she-wolf he growled insults at her for her poor actions. When a wolf over heard his words, they informed the lead hunter.
Hours later, Calder was confronted and attacked. The hunter had forgotten that Calder was a warrior in this pack, though new, he still knew what he was doing. When the battle was over, the hunter was nearly dead. Kallista had to force Calder to stop. Once in a fight, Cal taught himself that it wasn't over until the other was dead.
After the quarrel, Calder decided it would be best to move on. Leaving Kallista and Essence to live out their lives there, happily.
Cal soon found two young pups, around 4 months of age, they went by the names River and Rome. A bear attack led to their mothers death and their packless life. Calder took them with him on his travels. Teaching them new skills and how to survive. They stick together for 2 years. Calder was 4 years and 3 months. The pups now 2 and 5 months. Ready to go off together and live their lives. Calder too wished to go his own way. By the age of 4 and a half - he found a new land, a new territory, a new potential life.

T A L E N T S :
Strength ||  Experience || Devotion || Stamina || Surefooted || Head strong
F A U L T S :
Speed || Temper || Competitive nature 
G O A L S :
Family ➤ Though he doesn't really know it, Calder does wish to find love and have a family. But for now, most annoy him. It'll take a special female to catch his eye.
Content ➤ Calder wishes to have a stable life, having plentiful food, water, shelter, and protection for himself and/or his family.
Thriving ➤ Calder wishes to be part of (preferably leading) a thriving pack - one that does not cower away from battles and is on top.

P H O B I A S :
Banishment ➤ Calder doesn't mind being alone, though he does not want the title of banishment to be held over his head.
Failure ➤ The act of failure to his morals or his parents image of him keeps him going - he hopes to never fail the way Pierce and Cronus did
Death ➤ Cal fears the death of his pack, specifically those closest to him

Calder Relik Coolte20
S I R E :
Kandu || Deceased
D A M E :
Kaska || Deceased
S I B L I N G S :
Cronus || Deceased
Pierce || Deceased
Essence || Alive
 Leto || Assumed to be Alive
 Catori || Assumed to be Alive
C R U S H :
M A T E :
O F F S P R I N G :

Calder Relik ____de10
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Welcome to the pack, Calder!

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Nice bio and your chars bio is really detailed and cool
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Calder Relik
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