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 ~Z E V~

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PostSubject: ~Z E V~   ~Z E V~ EmptySun Feb 07, 2016 10:46 am


~Z E V~ Timber-wolf-9

About Canid
Full name •
Z'ev Stark
Nicknames •
Z, Stark
Age •
Four Years Old
Birthday •
Mid January
Desired Rank •
Species •
Timber Wolf
Gender •
Sexuality •

General Appearance
At First Glance •
Z'ev is a Timber wolf which stands at nearly 34 inches at the shoulder and weighs roughly 105 pounds. Yep, he's a pretty large wolf. But his lean muscles and long legs are great for sprinting and long distant runs. His pelt consists of different hues of silvers, greys and tans which transition to a darker grey or even black. The silvers greys and white are mostly the coloration of his underbelly, while black, dark greys and soft browns are near his back. His pelt is quite sleek, which stretches over his lean muscles. It isn't very fluffy and it doesn't get it in his way in order to provide full mobility when in fights or hunts. His eyes are a vibrant shade of a pale amber. The only scar he has is across his left eye as a result of a cougar encounter (he doesn't like talking about it much).

General Personality
Overall Personality •
Z'ev is a very independent canid and at approach he may seem a little cold, that is probably a result of his controlled self. Almost all of his actions, words and behaviours are calm and calculated. Due to this mindset, the he-wolf is neutrally friendly around others unless given a reason to act otherwise. At first, it may be from his lack of charisma that may make the canid be perceived as a cold one, however, once one becomes closer to him you may realize that he is warm-hearted and friendly. Nevertheless, his cold self is very rare and only noticed when he is actually annoyed at something. Another thing that may be noticed is that Z'ev is always tense around strangers or has his tail erect in a dominant stance, he will only act otherwise when he is interacting with a friend, an Alpha or ally. Although the he-wolf is a collected individual, he has an almost nuclear temper. When angry or very annoyed he is absolutely unapproachable. This case is very rare since Z'ev is pretty patient. Other than that, he is very loyal and takes his job very seriously. He is very dedicated and will do anything to get the job done, also with a need to protect the ones he cares about.
Likes •
Winter, respect, protecting pack, loyalty, keeping controlled, taking risks, mental-strength, 'alone time',
Dislikes •
Oblivion, not trying, water, getting pelt wet, dishonesty
Strengths •
Hunting, fighting, running for long distances, strategic, loyal, respectful, paying attention to detail, mentally-strong, quick-learner, intelligent
Weaknesses •
Swimming, water, bad liar, scar on eye, stubborn, expressing emotion, socialization.
Goals •
Be a part of a pack again,
Fears •
Die not fulfilling goals, swimming, not trying, failure.

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PostSubject: Re: ~Z E V~   ~Z E V~ EmptyMon Feb 08, 2016 10:44 am

Awesome bio! I'm looking forward to meet Z.
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Posts : 33
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Age : 19
Location : Hibernating.

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PostSubject: Re: ~Z E V~   ~Z E V~ EmptyWed Feb 10, 2016 8:01 pm

Aye thanks! Looking forward to meeting Shina as well c:
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~Z E V~
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