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PostSubject: Ares Lykos Nightingale   Ares Lykos Nightingale EmptyWed Feb 10, 2016 2:39 pm

Ares Lykos Nightingale Aes10
Ares Lykos Nightingale Coolte12
T I T L E :
Ares Lykos Nightingale
A L I A S :
Ar, Res
L I F E S P A N :
4 years currently
G E N D E R :
E X P E R I E N C E D - R A N K S
H E L D - R A N K
G O A L - R A N K
Lead Warrior

Ares Lykos Nightingale Coolte13
B U I L D :
Ares stands roughly 36 inches at his shoulder, he is often taller than most. Which some find intimidating. His physique is a slender, muscular build. Majority of his weight is muscle mass instead of fat. This male has noticeably powerful legs to support his heavy fame as well as wide paws to keep him steady and surefooted in hunts and battles. For having such a broad frame, navigation hasn't been much of an issue. Though stamina seems to run low a bit faster than it does for others he's come across. While being lager in most aspects, his body remains quite symmetric, making him look quite average.
P E L T - P I G M E N T A T I O N :
When a young pup, Ares was a common timber wolf shade- though as he grew the pigment changed. His legs and under muzzle remained a faint tan. While his ears, paws, and top of muzzle darkened into an intense chocolate brown. Though the most dominant and noticeable color would be his black-grey tinted face, back, tail, and rib cage.
P E L T - T E X T U R E :
Ares' pelt texture is nothing too exquisite. It's the common two layered structure of a timber wolf. Trapping heat in winter and cool air in summer to keep him content and well ventilated year round. It has a silky feel to it and is rather soft. It tends to attract water easily - absorbing it rather than repelling it.
I R I S - S H A D E :
Ares' eye color is a bright, intense silvery-blue. Though seeming to be an icy color, his gaze actually holds a subtle warm look. Small flecks of silver can be found scattered through out his eyes. In the light of day, Castor's eyes look like a pale sky blue, or clear water. Though in the luminous glow of the moon, they appear more silver
B A T T L E - W O U N D S :
Ares' frame is the host of numerous healed wounds, small and large scars coat his body from war. Though his pelt has grown in nicely and covers all former injuries.
A R O M A :
It's as if the scent of a thunder storm has stained his scent, he often smells of damp soil and brewing, moist winds.
Ares Lykos Nightingale Coolte15
P E R S O N A L I T Y :
+ Independent + || + Adventurous + || +- Protective +- || - Dominant / Assertive -  || + Determined + || + Charming + || + Confident + || +- Idiotically courageous +-
Independent [Positive] : Ares enjoys doing things his way and doing it alone. He was once a great leader, he grew adapted to relying on himself solely. He also enjoys the solitude of independence.
Adventurous [Positive] : Ares enjoys going off and discovering new places. It's had for him to stay settled in one place for too long. Continuously traveling for over a year was surely one of his favorite things. He will always look for an excuse to travel on an adventure.
Protective [Neutral] : Ares is quite protective of many wolves, which is good. But there are times he can get too protective and grow aggressive when it's not necessary.
Dominant / Assertive [Negative] : Ares has always been a dominant canine since he was young. Often wrestling as a young pup and being assertive over the other young in the pack. The would play 'pretend alpha' to which they would fight for leadership and Ares never lost. Once being a real leader for a time being, the trait became more apparent.
Determined [Positive] : Ares never gives up and never does half effort. Once a goal comes to mind, he will be sure to each it no matter the cost. He's eager and head strong, failure isn't in his vocabulary. 
Charming [Positive] : Many females Ares has met, have found him "charming" - simply his kind, respectful introductions and smooth voice make him this way. Yet, he doesn't like this trait. Having fallen in love already, he feels no one will have his heart again and doesn't like females viewing him in a desirable fashion.
Confident [Positive] : Ares is almost always holding himself proudly. Head held high and tail almost always up. He trusts himself and his actions greatly, he's come far in life. He must be doing something right. Making him confident in his plans and simple everyday motions.
Idiotically Courageous [Neutral] : Ares will place himself between danger and a canine he doesn't even know. He would travel to the darkest, most unsafe areas if other's wont. It's almost as if he has a death wish at times - but he's alive still. Somehow.

H I S T O R Y :

It was around 5 years ago when a young, dispersal pair sought refuge with a new family. Their names, origins, and looks couldn't be more different. The male, large and slightly aggressively assertive - Archer. And his now mate, a sleek framed, caring soul by the name of Siberia. The masculine was vibrant shades of russets and Browns while his mate shades of grays and whites. They finally found a pack worth staying with, the Nightingale Clan. It was owned and operated by an elder pair. A pale creamy damsel, Serenity and the pack alpha male Arlo, an ebony hued canine.

Archer and Siberia were more than thankful to be welcomed in, Arlo and his mate enjoyed the company of the new young pair greatly. The four formed a strong bond, the young vagabonds becoming protectors and healers of the elite groups.

Months passed and the alpha female fell ill, Siberia tried to help, but it was no use. Soon, Serenity peacefully passed in her sleep. Alro was heartbroken but did his best to lead his clan strongly. One night alarm was sounded, an enemy pack was on its way to attack. Arlo demanded Siberia to take the pack young and flee, while Archer stayed to defend the land.

They were successful, but only with a great loss. Arlo could not handle such a battle, and gave his life for his family and land. The pack mourned their leader and crowned Archer and Siberia to hold the pack on their shoulders. A few months passed and they decided relocating would be best for a new start. Along their travels south, the new alpha pair gave birth to their first litter. It held two males - Ares, a black and gold painted pup and Atlas his white and grey brother. The young wolves traveled with the pack once they were older. They continued to head south, soon entering a much warmer climate.
Nomads joined them along the way, Ares' favorite addition being a mother and her young daughter, Calla. Calla was the definition of a southern bell, she was remarkably beautiful with the most amazing personality. Ares and Atlas loved her - yet they were only pups - they never knew it could form something great. The pack settled in a forest in the Deep South, surrounded by rivers and large oak trees. The trip of pups would often play in the shallow waters or sandy edges. But one day the water seemed much deeper and faster. They were advised to stay away. Yet like most youngsters, they didn't listen. While playing roughly, Atlas lost his footing. He fell into the river. The 4 month old would bob up and down yelping, gasping for air. Ares yelled for help as did Calla. Their parents raced to the scene but couldn't spot him anywhere.

Ares, frantic for his brother, growled and bound into the waters. His mother screamed and soon his father bound after him. Ares found his unconscious brother and soon their father dragged them to shore. Ares coughed and heaved up water as Atlas lied motionless. Siberia demanded all healers to give the pups full attention. Ares was fine after a while, though Atlas never opened his eyes. His brothers actions were not fast enough. Atlas died from water filled lungs. Calla and Ares never experienced a loss before.

A few days later, disaster struck once more, a loud shriek rang in the territory. It was Trinity, Calla's mother. A bear had attacked the young nomadic damsel. Calla was horrified and things fell apart for the pack. Siberia and Archer sorrowfully took Calla in as their own and raised her. Her mother was buried beside a large oak tree. Months went by, seadons changed, Calla and Ares were 6 months old. They grew up together and learned the same things. One evening the alarms sounded, there was smoke in the distance. A fire had broken out. But as if things weren't bad enough, a rival clan had came rampaging through. All Ares remembers was being rammed into his den with Calla - his family gone fighting to protect their home. In hours, the fire reached. The territory was up in flames and the family was being attacked. A large male came to get rid of the alphas pups. His frame was large and black as night, he seemed demonized by the way the fire glared behind him.

The fire prevented any escape. Calla coward in fear, which Ares wouldn't
stand for. He leapt at the invader and scarred over his eye. Hearing a loud yelp from the attacker, the pack came to the rescue. Area guarded Calla until the battle was over, then the elders came to relocate them. The family was smaller after the war and fire -lives were lost. Though the alphas and pups thrived. For a year, Area and Calla were as inseparable as ever.

Until one faithful day Calla decided she wished to be a nomad like her mother, she begged and pleaded for Ares to accompany her, and not a day goes by where he didn't wish he did. But he said no. For the alphess, his mother, was ill. And with Archer looking after her, Ares needed to help with leading and protecting the family. So after a year and a half, the best friends said their goodbyes.

Within the next 6 months, Siberia had passed away and Archer grew depressed and weak. Area did his family a favor and took over the responsibility as alpha. And within his reign, a new yet familiar wolf entered the grounds. She was slender, talented, beautiful. It was Calla. After 7 months of separation, she returned. Both of them now fully grown and mature, yet their youthful friendship sparked once more.

They shared stories of the past few months, Calla despising herself for not being home when her adoptive mother passed on. But Ares knew his mother Siberia was happy with the choice Calla made, to be like her REAL mother. Three months passed, the duo was inseparable just like when they were young. Though things were very different now. Ares grew much more fond of the she wolf in new ways. She was even more beautiful than the day he recalled her leaving. The two hunted and slept together. As if she had never left, the months rolled on, summer was approaching and bad news was rolling in.

The two wolves were 2 and a half. Summer was present and a thunderstorm just made an appearance. As the fields grew muddy, a rival pack had entered the lands. The same one to attack 2 years ago. Their leader? The ebony male with a scarred eye. Calla was frightened, it was her worst memory coming back to attack her. Then, it happened....

The lightning struck a near tree and ignited the flames. It was a repeat of the last war.

Calla was frozen in fear, Ares did what he had done oh so long ago. He stood between her and danger, he growled and protected her just like he did at 6 months old. The leader of the rival pack attacked Area and the two fought long and hard. The war wasn't long, the invaders soon retreated. The fire still roared on. Area was shouting orders left and right "Grab your families and head North. Move!" In the frantic chaos, he lost Calla.
Her paw prints lead east, and Ares hastily followed. The smoke burned his eyes, and made him cough. The fire made him want to turn back. His voice strained as he yelled for his friend "Calla! Calla where are you!?" The fire grew too dangerous and Ares fled to his family. Not once hearing Calla's melodic vice reply. After the fire, he went back to search. He found her... She was cowered inside a fallen tree den - deceased.

Ares yelled and cursed at the sky, at himself. "I could have saved her!" The words shot like poison from his mouth. He fell to the ground beside her - tears fell to the charred earth. "I never even had a chance to tell her I love her." Minutes passed. Hours. Then a day. The once proud alpha lied in the ashes of his home, next to his love.

He arranged the pack to give her a proper send off. To bring her to the large oak of the old pack land. To bury her beside her mother.

Ares resigned his title, his beta now in charge. He traveled for a year and a half, not seeing another wolf. Each day he regrets not dispersing with her when she begged, not telling her how he felt, not keeping her safe. Her voice plays in his mind whenever the smallest things reminds him of her. Too many losses damaged his being.

T A L E N T S :
Sure footed - Ares is confident in his paw movements, being agile. Not quite the fastest, but he's able to get around almost gracefully. 
Combat - Ares has been fighting since the ripe young age of 6 months old, he's never lost a fight and doesn't plan to anytime soon.
Hunting - Ares is prideful in his hunting history. He's knowledgeable when it comes to making plans about taking down prey. Whether it's a large hunt party or just himself, he finds the easiest and safest route to take. 
F A U L T S :
Stamina - Ares is strong, and has common speed, though he runs out of energy slightly faster than most wolves.
Aggression - Ares can be easily provoked, setting of his protection and aggression. He's a bit hot headed and can get carried away.
Past - Ares can be touchy about some pats of his past. Mostly blaming himself for Calla's death as well as his bother's.
G O A L S :
Love - Though he has found love already, he hopes one day his heart will welcome another and he can form a strong connection with them and eventually become mates.
Family - Once, if ever, he has a mate. He wishes to father pups one spring an pass his genes onto the next generation.
Settled - Ares hopes once he has a family, they will be gladly settled into a pack and will have nothing to worry about.
P H O B I A S :
Exile - There are times he chooses to be alone, though he never wished to be forced against his will to live alone with no company.
Repeated past - Ar blames himself for many mishaps, and is greatly worried another incident may occur and he will yet again blame himself
Failure - This masculine hates to let down himself and others- he hopes this will never happen.
Ares Lykos Nightingale Coolte16

Ares Lykos Nightingale Coolte17
Archer Deceased
Siberia Deceased
Atlas Deceased
Calla Deceased

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Three words for you: OH MY GOD!
I loved his bio x3

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Sick bio m8!
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