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 ∆•Ahora•∆ ( WIP)

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∆•Ahora•∆ ( WIP) Empty
PostSubject: ∆•Ahora•∆ ( WIP)   ∆•Ahora•∆ ( WIP) EmptyThu Feb 18, 2016 7:57 am


∆•Ahora•∆ ( WIP) Ahora%20part%202_edited-1_zpsxtlpd0tq

Name Meaning:
“Now” in Spanish
1 year and 10 months
Pine and Sand
Rank Interest:



Being evenly thick and long, Ahora has light cream fur that shades into a golden brown. It starts on her forehead, continues down the back, and ends at her tail tip.

Eye Color:

Dark Orange

About 20 inches tall at her shoulders (Will grow)

Body Type:
Ahora is shorter and has more fat than muscle, lacking physical strength. But, she’s not chubby.

∆•Ahora•∆ ( WIP) Wolfy_edited-1_zpsvk6pxlku




Ahora is generally quiet and gentle, and enjoys learning new things. She doesn’t like to focus on her past but instead focus on the ‘now’. When she is upset or offended, she remains to herself and doesn't say anything for awhile, but usually soon apologizes for her behavior. She's more on the serious side, but still enjoys playing and being silly. If she is excited or pumped with adrenaline, she can be loud, and somewhat obnoxious.

Fast Reflexes, Herb Knowledge, and Hunting Fish.

Battling, Running Stamina, Hunting Big Game, Easily Intimidated.

Simplicity, Traveling, Learning, Sunsets.

Badgers, Thunderstorms, Battling, and Killing without reason.


Crush: None
Pups: None
Family Members: Lilas ( Sister, Unknown Location)
Friends: None
Enemies: Badgers

∆ History ∆

Ahora cannot remember much about her young puppyhood, including her parents or other litter mates. Her earliest memory is of her older sister, Lilas, carrying her through a heavily wooded area. She faintly recalls looking down and seeing her sisters golden brown paws padding at the mulch ground, with numerous green ferns brushing against her sister's legs. They spent about a year with each other, hiking the mountains, valleys, and forest. Lilas taught Ahora everything she knew about herbs, and how to hunt smaller game. But, Lilas, who was just a yearling herself, could only teach Ahora the extent of her knowledge. Most of what they learned was new for both of them. Due to their inexperience, sometimes hunting went sour. Once, they were hunting what they presumed to be rabbits, and each sister took their position at the two burrow holes. Ahora began to dig, while Lilas prepared for a load of retreating rabbits. Instead, a hissing badger came barreling out and latched itself onto Lilas’s cheek! Struggling to shake or bite the creature, Lilas yelped from the pain. Ahora, who was only a few inches taller then the badger, ran to help her sister and grabbed the badgers back left leg and tugged. Releasing it’s grip on Lilas, the badger swung around, nipping at Ahora. Releasing quickly, Ahora stepped back as the black and white devil showed it’s teeth off. They stood off for about a minute, but then Ahora and Lilas left the area, side by side, with Ahora trying to clean her sister’s wound.
Their bond grew strong in the days. But, the one day soon came. The two were traveling through a extended field, when a storm began to roll in. Ahora shuttered, trotting behind her sister, as thunder rolled on in the distance. A long cloud stretched down from the sky towards the ground, creating almost a wall. The cloud was approaching quickly, which made Lilas move faster, trying to reach the end of the field. Ahora followed her sister by the sound of her footsteps as she eyeballed the stretched cloud. Then, Ahora could begin to hear falling water, and the sound grew louder. The wall grew closer, and as Ahora looked she realized behind the cloud was heavy rain. Lilas tried to move faster, but it was to late, for the cloud’s wall hovered over, and drenched them in rain. The wind made the rain feel like bullets, and it created a fog as to where Ahora could no longer see or hear her sister. As the storm crackled, Ahora’s heart began to pound as she quickly scanned the area around her. After a large strike of lighting, Ahora choose a direction and began to run as fast as she could. Soaking wet, the muddy ground clamped on to her paws, and the wet grass stuck to her fur. Eventually she seen a small bush, and immediately began to dig, struggling to even see her paws from the ragging rain. The hole was small, but it was all she needed as she crawled under the bush for some shelter. When the storm and fog moved out, she emerged. She realized she was still in the field, but was only a few hundred feet or so to the edge.  
In the beginning she searched diligently for her sister. After 3 months, with no tracks, Ahora lost hope. At this period of time, Ahora did not look healthy. Her fur was scrappy and patchy, and she lost most of her weight. Starvation lead her to end the search, and settle down by a rocky river and begin to hunt fish. It was a river that grizzly bears stopped by to feast on large salmon. But Ahora distance herself,  hunting smaller fish, those close to the banks. At first, hunting fish was the hardest thing she'd ever done. But, after a few months of consistent hunting, she became skilled, developing fast reflexes. She started gaining weight quickly, and her fur grew longer and evened out. Soon, some bears moved near where she hunted, and drove Ahora out. On her own, she decided to try and join a larger pack not only for protection, but in hopes to make friends.  

Thank you for reading! Please comment and tell me if you see any mistakes, or if there is any room for improvement.
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PostSubject: Re: ∆•Ahora•∆ ( WIP)   ∆•Ahora•∆ ( WIP) EmptyThu Feb 18, 2016 12:11 pm

Welcome to the pack, Ahora! Lovely bio XD

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PostSubject: Re: ∆•Ahora•∆ ( WIP)   ∆•Ahora•∆ ( WIP) EmptyThu Feb 18, 2016 1:00 pm

Thank you Shina. Can't wait to rp with you! :)
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PostSubject: Re: ∆•Ahora•∆ ( WIP)   ∆•Ahora•∆ ( WIP) EmptyFri Feb 19, 2016 5:42 pm

Welcome! Your char sounds awesome! :p

Failure Isn't An Option:
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PostSubject: Re: ∆•Ahora•∆ ( WIP)   ∆•Ahora•∆ ( WIP) EmptySat Feb 20, 2016 7:17 am

Thank you Z'ev
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∆•Ahora•∆ ( WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: ∆•Ahora•∆ ( WIP)   ∆•Ahora•∆ ( WIP) Empty

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∆•Ahora•∆ ( WIP)
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