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≼ Shina ≽ Tumblr_o28n7llXyk1s2g2bxo1_500

≼ Name ≽

≼ Nick ≽

≼ Age ≽
3 years, 8 months

≼ Gender ≽

≼ Sexual Orientation ≽

≼ Rank ≽

≼ Element ≽

≼ Physical ≽
Shina is quiet small, in comparison to an average sized wolf. Her body doesn't allow much speed, but she definetly is stronger than the average females. Her muscled body is covered with a fluffy white pelt, although it tends to cream. The tips of ears and muzzle an are black, contrasting with the light fur. Her eyes reflect the blue skies, being the right one more opaque, crossed by a scar.

≼ Shina ≽ Tumblr_o28ni2ffPy1s2g2bxo1_500

≼ Emotional ≽
Adventurous: Shina hates to be static, lying on the ground the whole day. She likes to meet new places and try things she never did before.
Daring: Fear is a word she barely knows. She isn't afraid of risking herself to get what she wants.
Fun-loving: Whenever she gets a chance, Shin will search for fun. Not only for herself, but also for those she cares about.
Herioc: Always seeking for oportunities to prove herself, Shin acts like the hero she wants to be someday.
Reliable: Her words are gold. She will never fail to accomplish with it (at least she will do her best to it).
Skillful: Shin is always training to improve her abilities in combat. She hates when someone beats her (although she will never admit it, and beating her isn't easy) and more than that: she hates those who think that strenght has everything to do with gender.

≼ Life Soundtrack ≽
Empire of Angels (Sun)

≼ History ≽
“No fear, not anymore”
The words still echoing in her head.

The water slowly flowing through the river’s perimeter. In the distance, the source of all that water: a waterfall. In the riverside, fishes swimming calmly, till they speed up. Suddenly, from the middle of the water, a head come up, breathless, looking for oxygen. Water spreads everywhere. The head reveals a white colored wolf that faintly swims till the riverside.
In her mind her entire life passing just in front of her eyes.

Almost four years ago, a couple of tundra wolves separated themselves from the pack. The female was about to gain her pups. She succeeded it. Three little pups. Two of them with a dark brown colored pelt. And another one with a white, almost cream pelt. They both smiled, happy that now the alpha and alphaess of the pack had their heirs. Not far from there, a bush shakes as a shadow passes through it. Both the parents get up, alerts. “Who is there?” the male asks, looking around, trying to find it.
The shadow comes out of the bushes behind the male, jumping on it in a way that both went to the ground. The tawny male wolf fell in his back. Above his chest a big black paw, with all five claws exposed, almost ripping his skin. He followed the paw till the yellow eyes of the black leopard. “You…” he recognized his face. The leopard roared “At least you know why I will do what I will do” it stated. “No!” the mother shouted. “It was all a mistake! Please, leave us alone!” The leopard turned to meet her eyes, soon switching to the woods, where six other wolves were coming from. It frowned, glancing back at the alpha male “We will finish this” it swore before dashing into the woods.
Eight months later, the pups were big enough to venture outside the den. Playing with one another, they slowly went apart from the pack.
“Where is Jen?” the white one asked the brown one.
“I don’t know, Shin. We must find her and get back before dad realizes we left” he stated.
“Jen! Stop it! Dad will get mad at us!” the white one shouted to nowhere, looking for her sister.
“Your sister won’t come back” a voice echoed behind them. They turned to face an unkown animal. Huge, black, definetly non-wolf.  It’s eyes were as yellow as the full moon could get. The kids froze when they saw Jen behind it’s paws. The yellow eyed animal lowered its head. Jen was screaming, desperate for the beast to let her go. But it had no soul. He grabbed the little wolf by the neck, pressing it within his ivories.
The white pup was shocked. She was afraid. So afraid that she couldn’t move.
“Don’t look, Shin” the brown one yelled, using his paw to make her head move to the side. “Run!” he shouted, poking her to make her move as he dashed back to the den area.
They both arrived with the fear in their eyes. Of course their parents were worried, asking them what happened. And they spoke everything. Kass, the alpha male, went furious. That leopard couldn’t keep destroying his family like this. He swore that the next time he heard about that beast he would finish this subject. And Shin… she cursed herself everyday for what happened to her sister. Fear stopped her from acting. Maybe Jen would be alive if she wasn’t so stupid.
With time the whole pack went through Jen’s horrible death. Shina and her brother, Sitka, learned everything a wolf should learn. From pups they became the lead hunters. And from hunters they became the lead warriors of their parent’s pack.
Unfortunately, when they were about three years old, Allas, their mother, got sick. The healers couldn’t find what was it. No herb was able to cure her. Kass left to look for another pack. Maybe they could help. But he was back a few weeks later with empty hands. Allas was dead a few mornings before Kass’ return. Again the pack suffered a loss within the alphas.
Kass didn’t want another alphaess. Allas would be his only one till he dies. And that wouldn’t take too long to happen.
A few months after Allas’ passing, the leopard was back. This time it showed himself in the open area. “I’m here to challenge your alpha.” Were his words. Kass was reluctant about accepting that. Even though he was strong, the leopard surely was stronger than him. Besides that, only Shina and Sitka were there. The rest of the pack was in in the hunting grounds. But his anger over that beast lead him to accept that, despite Shina and Sitka be against that.
They fought right there, with the brothers watching. It was a bloody fight. Kass started with the advantage, but soon he was losing. Not only the fight but also his life.
Shina couldn’t handle that anymore. “Stop it! It’s enough!” she shouted, getting in front of the leopard.
Sitka followed her. He wouldn’t let anything happen to her. “Why are you doing this? We did nothing to you!” he yelled, facing its yellow eyes.
The beast grinned “Nothing? Nothing!!?? This bastard caused my entire family’s death!” it shouted, staring Kass.
The alpha frowned “It was your kind that attracted the humans to that area! It just happened that they followed ME instead!” he yelled back.
“Your liar!” the leopard roared, running through the brothers and jumping on the alpha.
“No!” Sitka shouted, grabbing the leopard’s neck.
“Leave me, child! Or I’ll kill you instead!” the beast yelled, turning his head to grab Sitka.
“Dad, run!” Shina shouted, pushing him to make him get up.
They started to run. Kass a little slower, as he was badly damaged. They could run till a dead end. A waterfall. There was no way out of there. The leopard was coming towards them, followed by Sitka. Shina stopped in front of her father, staring the feline. But for him she was nothing. The white female grabbed the beast’s neck with all the strength she had. The feline yelled, moving his head, trying to get her out. But she wouldn’t release. So, desperate, the leopard closed his ivories in her back.
Pain took over her body, as she released his neck. He put her on the ground and jumped on Kass. The waterfall doing a loud noise, making all growls and roars barely audible. Soon they were in the end. Any of them could fall at any time. The leopard pushed Kass, throwing him through the crag, but Sitka arrived just in time to grab his father.
“Run, my son! Leave me!” Kass shouted to Sitka, but he wouldn’t listen.
“Let him die!” the leopard shouted before dashing towards Sitka.
Shina was lying in his way, and she won’t let him kill his father and brother. Still in pain, with her fur covered in blood, she got up, running a few meters before jumping on the feline. They both fell on the ground. The feline was lying in the tip of the crag, getting up while facing Sitka and Kass. It jumped to Sitka, doing to him the same he did to Shin. Sitka lost his strength and his father falled. The feline then released him in the crag, with a grin on his face. Sitka grabbed the rock with his front legs, trying to climb back. But he didn’t have enough strength.
Shina growled, angry as that thing wouldn’t give up on harming their family. Dizzy and barely being able to see, she got up. ‘No fear, not anymore’ she thought with herself before throwing her body against the leopard, making them both fall from the waterfall.

Shina walked out of the water, looking at the waterfall. ‘Sitka… Dad…’ she thought. Then she realized that the waterfall she was looking at wasn’t the waterfall near the pack territory. It was a completely new area. She switched her gaze to the water in front of her. Her face stinging and her vision blurred in the right side. She faced her own reflection to see a scar crossing her right eye.  While falling, in an attempt of the leopard to grab something, it must had clawed Shin’s face. She sighed. In her eyes the visible sparkle of loss and loneliness. With her family dead, she didn’t want to come back to lead her old pack. She didn’t want to lead anything anymore.
Four days passed before she could catch the scent of another pack. Maybe now she could start all over.

≼ Family ≽
Parents – Kass and Allas (deceased)
Siblings – Sitka(brother) Jen (sister) (both deceased)

≼ Relationships ≽
Crush – N/A
Mate – N/A
Friends – None yet
Enemies – Felines in general
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Aye can't wait to meet Shina! Beautiful wolf and a well written bio!
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Thank you, Z! I'm excited to start!

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