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 The Ranks of the Pack

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PostSubject: The Ranks of the Pack   Mon Jun 18, 2012 9:30 pm


Ranks and Members

♂= Male
♀= Female
EFA= Excused for absence
MotM= Member of the Month
MBE= Must Be Earned

Consilio Decem: The Council of Ten
The Council is the group of leaders of Stipant Elementorum, and are trusted above all others.. The Council consists of the Alphas, Betas, and the Leader of each rank. They make the big decisions concerning what is to be done in any and every area of the pack. Alphas reserve the power of final say.

Aysel (SilverArtemis)
Nova (7th-Flight)

₪ Luna & Sol : Alphas : Moon & Sun ₪
The Alphas are what hold the pack together. Fearless, they lead the pack out of peril. Alphas are the most loyal wolves you'll ever meet. They tend to be calm, thoughtful, and collected at times, and need to possess the ability to strategize. The Alphas lead the pack into the unknown. Above all, leaders through day and night, they are the Sun and Moon.

Moon: Alpha= Aysel (SilverArtemis)
Sun: Alpha= Nova (7th-Flight)

₪ Galaxia : Beta : Galaxy ₪
The Betas have proven themselves to be shining stars within the pack. Their extended efforts to go above and beyond the call of duty attracted the attention of an Alpha and led to promotion. If the higher ranks are unavailable, the Betas take over and are expected to lead to the best of their ability.

Beta= MBE
Beta= MBE
Beta= MBE

₪ Bellator : Warrior : Fire ₪
The Warriors are the most aggressive; they risk their lives to defend their pack. Strong and swift, they are fierce in battle, and are the sheer strength and force of the pack as a whole. They can and will take on any challenge issued towards them. Uncontrolled, like fire, they let loose rage on their enemies.

Lead Warrior= MBE
Warrior= Frost

₪ Praecursator : Scout : Air ₪
The scouts are swift and speedy, and run the perimeter of the pack territory making sure there is nothing unusual. They report back to the pack after making sure everything is normal. These wolves enjoy running and maintain great senses; nothing goes unseen or undetected by them. They are as fleet and soon gone as Air.

Lead Scout= MBE
Scout= Sergill (Rytemk Aato)
Scout= Ikariah ([ChaoticKagura])

₪ Venator : Hunter : Storm ₪
Hunters are what keep the pack alive. Exceeding in being nimble, these wolves supply the pack with food. They stalk their prey unseen and unheard and attack with great force. They are an important part of pack life and possess the skills needed to bring food to the table. You never know when they will strike. They are unpredictable, like Storms.

Lead Hunter= MBE
Hunter= Randen
Hunter= Bao (BlueBellTigger)
Hunter= Dakota (neekotz)

₪ Medicus : Healer : Earth ₪
The Healers are wise beyond thier years. They are kind and caring and will lend a helping hand to any wolf in need. They have the skills to heal injuries using their extensive knowledge of plant life. Healers have great memories and can always be counted upon. They are one with the Earth.

Lead Healer= MBE
Healer= Rosalee (Stang)

₪ Speculator : Spy : Spirit ₪
The Spies are never seen, never heard, and never detected. They travel with the shadows around them, and tend to stick to themselves. Usually, they don't speak much, but can be very enjoyable company when pursued. Spies can find out any information needed. They are like Spirits- there while no one knows.

Lead Spy= MBE
Spy= Raissa (SinnedAshes)
Spy= Loki
Spy= 46 (LunarSkies)

₪ Infimus : Omega : The Works ₪
Omegas have the lowest rank in the pack, but they are the backbone that holds it together. They carry out odd jobs that no one else is willing to do, and keep peace between the members. They are like iron, steel, ect works... they mold the pack together to make something beautiful.

Omega= None.

₪ Amicis : Pack Friends : Water ₪
Pack Friends come and go with the pack, and never stay long. They resemble flowing water that never stays in one spot too long. They hold no resonsibilities within the pack, and are welcomed in celebrations, chats, games, and sometimes RPs.

Pack Friend= Tiramisu (wolfbeat)

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The Ranks of the Pack
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